The town of Southern Pines had implemented a new and improved plan for all bike routes back in 2010.   In 2009 Southern Pines was awarded a matching grant from the NCDOT (NC Department OF Transportation) to encourage bicycle and pedestrian transportation.  Many people in the community may not know this new Bike development plan exists because let’s be honest, how many people look into local development plans?  Well the reality of it is, any town developments affect every resident.  The new plans for bike paths and widening the roads, may be looked at as tax money that could be spent on other issues, but this plan is an investment in the surrounding towns and will only increase sustainability….. and home values? Yes, home values!!  How?

Research has shown that homes near trails and parks increase property value as much as 20%!  When the values of houses are increased because of trails, the more tax revenue the local government receives, and this helps offset trail construction and maintenance costs. Southern Pines is the third largest biking community in NC with 10X the number of bikers than the average NC city, and 5X the average number of bikers in the US.  The DOT (department of transportation) claims that half of all trips are 3 miles long, that’s a twenty-minute bike ride.  Supporting the recreational community can help decongest roads and keep emission pollutants minimal.  All of these little details help boost home values.  Even people who have been opposed to a trail system behind their house have discovered the trails to be better neighbors because of the legal well marked access deterring people from trespassing.

There are pages and pages of information about different roads that are included in this plan but the main roads that have cause a lot of accidents like Morganton and Midland, have proposed bike paths on the North sides.  This will help clear the roads and create a safer community for pedestrians and motor vehicles.   They also want to connect the Greenway trail system in Whispering pines, Pinehurst, and Southern Pines to make it easier to access points of interest in the community by foot or bike.  So before you jump in the car, take advantage of this awesome community, and walk or bike to where you want to go!




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